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Dec 29th 1991, New York: tattooist Matthew Jankowski used needles empty of any ink to tattoo the mathematical equation “0 + 0 = 0” on GX Jupitter-Larsen’s left arm. This was the second time GX did this! The first “Tattoo of Nothing” was performed in Amsterdam in 1982.

The thin lines of blood left behind by the empty needles would slowly fade over a few days till the tattoos completely disappeared.

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"You’re all obviously too lazy, too warped to do anything meaningful with your life, than prey upon the sexual fantasies of others. Should come to no great suprise to you, when I say that there are little corners in everyone, which were better off left alone, sicknesses, weaknesses, which should never be exposed. Both, that’s your stock and trade, isn’t it… a man’s weakness. I was never really fully aware of mine, until you brought them out."

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